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Our Story



The United Conference for Women  conferences are held in the Mid-western United States.  The Michigan-based organization is self-supporting and now includes women from several other states.  The Lord has blessed United Conference for Women and through it He has touched and changed many women’s lives, including some of their friends and family members.  After the yearly conferences, in many cities Bible classes are offered to those who want to be better equipped to know and do what they have been challenged to become.  We are excited about these developments, and see the women who initiate them as partners and not competitors.  As such, we praise God that lives, families, and ultimately entire communities are impacted and changed.


Currently, our United Conference for Women Executive Committee consists of ten board members who are listed in the program booklet.  We have been blessed with the assistance of almost 100 women, and some male staff who faithfully donate their time and energy to help make each retreat excellent.


In 2016, the UCW Board added a Leadership Team of younger women to ensure continuity of leadership so that the Conference can stay faithful to its mission and beliefs as we minister to succeeding generations of women.


We request your prayers that we will remain faithful to what we believe God has called us to do.

Get to Know Us

We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God.  Our annual conference always feature various speakers who can relate the Word of God to circumstances in a woman’s life demonstrating how God can be a vital part of their life.  In addition to speakers, we offer workshops sessions, counseling, singing, and teaching to effectively encourage those who attend.

We believe in Jesus Christ, The Son of God, The Great I Am

Ashley T., 28

"I've been going to UCW since I was 16. I started off in G.L.O.W. and really got a chance to enjoy the activities they offered, and learning about Christ. I appreciate that experience even more now as an adult.  Now at age 28, I have a better relationship with Christ, the workshops, speakers, and atmosphere helped my way immensely. The UCW is one of the catalyst for keeping my relationship strong.  "

Jazmine M., Age 17

"I enjoyed my time being a G.L.O.W. girl with the various activities and new ways of learning God's word. I had a great time fellowshipping and will be back this year!"

Pauline B, 54

 "In 2018 I attended a UCW conference, and I was uplifted, encouraged and strengthen in the faith.  The powerful word of God was delivered; It was truly a bless time in the Lord. God bless you UCW, continue in the great! work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. " 
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