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Emeritus Board

The United Conference for Women began in 1976 with the vision of about 20 women, friends who has known each other since childhood and worked together in church, youth, and music ministries.

Our Story

In the year 1976 these 20 women met in the choir room of Bethany Tabernacle Church in Detroit, Michigan. They didn’t know if anyone else would want to attend. But they did, and the first UCW weekend was held at Adrian College in Michigan with 76 women in attendance. Now the cost you might ask, it was $15.00. Next year, attendance tripled and kept going up from there. We have had gifted speakers from around the country come and minister to women from all walks of life. We have had prayer warriors to seek God’s face and counselors to lead other women to seek his face as well. We have had women with a heart for the hearing impaired and a mind to work to ensure that  their eyes could “hear” the Word of God.

Remembering Ethel Holley, mother of Jessie Reeder (Emeritus board member),Thelma Mason (Emeritus bookstore head), and mother-in-law to Verna Holley (Emeritus president) told the women: 

"Start your own conference."

Emeritus Board Founders

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