43rd Annual United Conference for Women

Kalahari Resort & Conventions

October 19-21, 2018





Arise and Build!    



Get HIS Blueprint Before You Build

If you have ever watched a house being built, or if you have ever had an addition put onto an existing house, you know that the standard method of communication is a big piece of paper called a blueprint.

God is the divine architect of Mankind.  YET, many humans refuse to consult the divine architect's master blueprint, The Bible, on how to build a life!  If you are still wondering 'why you are here'?... then, let Evone share with you how to build your life according to the original design!   

Speaker:  Evone Butler 



Arise & Build 

Bible Study of Nehemiah

Each year the United Conference for Women offers a Bible study that comes from the main Scriptural text encompassed in the conference theme.  We're excited to offer a study of the Book of Nehemiah, as it contains a fascinating story of a HUGE building project the Hebrews were engaged in, after their captivity to Babylon had ended.  One of conference main speakers, Jodi Matthews will help you see the parallels between their building project and building your life - the project, the obstacles and haters, the miracles, the insight God grants!  It is a fast paced, intrigue-filled story, and you will be encouraged by what God did then, and what He can do now in Your life as well!

Speaker:  Jodi Matthews


Can the LORD get Glory out of My Messed up Life?

Have you ever watched one of the HGTV shows, where the ugliest house on a block is chosen to be purchased, gutted, and repaired?  What was the result?  Usually, that house becomes the most beautiful and most desired in the neighborhood!  Why?  Because a master builder and designer came to the rescue and applied their understanding, skills, amazing tools and time to the reconstruction!  If this can be done with a house, then what can God, the Great Architect of Mankind, do to retool a life He created?!  You were designed to bring Glory to God.  It's time you turned over to Him "the Keys of your house", and watch what He does!  Promise:  You will leave this session, filled with hope!

Speaker:  Ivra Jackson  


Adultery: A Wrecking Ball!

It's more than a physical affair.

No one who stands at a marriage altar, plans on an affair happening during their marriage!  But it sometimes happens anyway!  This is one of those subjects that people don't want to admit either as a victim or a perpetrator!

Adultery shatters dreams, emotions, self-worth, families... It is a sin!  It is a Wrecking Ball.  Nothing is hidden from God, and He wants to rebuild and repair the things in your life, that have been knocked down by this wrecking ball!  He has help, whether you have been sinned against by your spouse, or if you are the one who sinned against your spouse!  Jesus paid the price for THIS sin also.  Come and be relieved of this very heavy burden.


 [Editor's note:  This is a 2-part session.  If this issue has rolled through your house, plan on attending both.  There is a lot of rebuilding that needs to occur, as this scenario affects all aspects of one's life - emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, family, and more.  Judge Shannon Holmes has been invited back, specifically, to deal with this multi-faceted subject and its consequences.  In addition, as a long-term help, the UCW Bookstore will have a book available for purchase, on this subject.  We're praying for you already that God will meet your very specific needs in dealing with this subject.  If there are other sessions you wish to attend, we suggest you just buy the CD's, this time.]  


Speakers:  Hon. Shannon Holmes and Mia Butler-Franklin



Suffering From Thin Christianity


How does a Christian function in a world where people are constantly questioning the things you believe in? Are you equipped to answer the hard questions individuals throw your way? Or do you become more confused about why you believe as you do, when confronted with their positions?  Perhaps you are suffering from anemic, “Thin Christianity!”  What are some of the symptoms? Faithlessness… Fearfulness… Confusion…Lack of fellowship with God…Spiritual lethargy…  What are the antecdotes and cures? Take courage!  The Dr. is in, and your Rx is available for pick up!  (Don’t worry -The Price has already been paid!)

Speaker:  Marian Pledger 


Ready or Not, Here He Comes!


We were told by Jesus to watch the signs He gave, especially regarding "the fig tree" (Israel)!  Then He said to start 'looking up' for our redemption is getting close!  No matter whether you identify as one who sees the coming of the Lord as imminent, or one who believes it could not possibly happen in your lifetime, you WILL have the opportunity to 'Get Woke!' and get your thinking straight!  Powerhouse main speaker, Georgia, will be ready to enlighten you, because...Ready or Not, He is Coming...SOON!

Speaker:  Rev. Georgia Hill




Battered but not Broken!

Help for Women who have experienced Domestic Violence

This is another one of those subjects, Christians hate to broach in conversation, but yet, even in the Church of Jesus Christ, domestic abuse occurs!  There is help!  Gena has professional experience in helping women/others who find themselves involved in domestic violence...  If you have been the victim of such, or are in the throes of such a scenario, be courageous and come to this session.  God is ready to address this with you...  Matter-of-fact, He is already there!  


Speaker: Gena Lewis Harris



Get to know Jesus! It's Lit!


Longtime friend of UCW, Marian Pledger, will be sharing on this topic and showcasing two young people from Interlink Ministries.  Together they will present an exciting session of how to get to know Jesus and then how to share Him with friends.  These teens are not hiding, they are not ashamed, they are excited--as they say: "Knowing Jesus and sharing Him--'It's Lit!'" 


Speakers:  Marian Pledger with contributions by Tumba Powell and Aneisha Williams  



The Hidden Power of a Praying Family


People are always saying, "The family that prays together, stays together!"  Yeah, right.  But how is it done?  Well...we cannot even begin to tell you how excited we are about this session!  Husband and wife duo--Pastor Robert and Lois Johnson, can certainly give you some aid to making this statement a reality in your home!  They will walk you through the journey they have been on, of persistently praying as a family.  Oh, the answers to their together-prayers they will share, will inspire you to 'cast this net out on the other side' one more time!


Speakers:  Pastor Robert and Lois Johnson 



Just Breathe.


Stop doing and start being!

Have you ever thought about the fact: we are called 'human beings' NOT 'human doings?' Sometimes we are so busy 'doing' that we forget to 'be'!  Our world moves at such a fast pace, it causes many of us to unconsciously hold our breath!  We remain anxious, fidgety, worried, and hurried.  We need to remember we are not just a 'body', but as C.S. Lewis states:  "We are a spirit that has a body.  "It's necessary to nourish and care for the part of us (spirit/soul) that will go on forever, even after the body is cast aside. Deborah Daniels will help us to refocus our emphasis.  After all, "To Be" was part of the big Shakesperian question, right??

Speaker:  Deborah Daniels



The Next Generation. TEACH Them To Know Him 

Because we live in the world of Facebook, Twitter, computers and cell phones, our experiences have become very 'singular.'  This makes it hard to have shared experiences especially between the generations.  Grandparents, sometimes, rarely see their 'grands" unless they are also online or know how to Skype.

The Bible instructs us to tell of God's Love, His mighty acts, His commandments, His promises and the like, from one generation to the next.  It is not just a good suggestion, but a command.  It needs to be a "Family Affair!"  This session will be shared by a multi-generational team: a grandmother, a daughter, and a grand daughter.  Stop wondering if it is possible to follow this command of passing the faith along...just come, listen, and learn!


Speakers:  Mary WhiteJody Childress and Noelle Childress    




No need to miss your regular fitness workout while at the conference!  Fitness expert, Tiffany, will be on hand once again to lead you in wonderful routines that will even give you spiritual uplift.  Don't forget to bring your workout clothes, gym shoes, and your water bottle.    

The weekend's overall schedule allows you to have the time to refresh yourself after your workouts.

Just think...you can go home without the "missed-my-workout blues!"   

Ya gotta love that!

Instructor:  Tiffany Cartwright






G.L.O.W. Keynote SpeakerALEXIS WILSON




G.L.O.W. Speaker:  Lauren Horton




G.L.O.W. Speaker:  Teachia Turrentine




Facilitators:  Jessie L. ReederBernice Laster