There are times when the help, insight, or encouragement we need when dealing with life issues, is “just not available in our current spheres of influence and connection. This is why we have included a resources section.

Our UCW motto is: “Daily Strength for Daily Needs!” It is our hope that you may find additional help at your fingertips ‘with a click of the mouse’ on any of these links. The categories address issues pertaining to:

  • Family
  • Personal Devotion
  • The Church –becoming engaged as “salt and light” in the culture and communities
  • Counseling help
  • Opportunities for connections to ministries
  • Training for Pastors and lay leaders
  • Bible online, and Bible reading plans, and related studies
  • And much, much more

Simply click on the link and afterward, use the back button to return to UCW website.


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